My Friend

I know Scott is happy at this moment- because he got so many hippies to gather in Kenilworth,IL

I will be sharing my thoughts of Scott, along with quotes from the past and the present.

I will start with a quote from Lillian Eichler circa 1924

“The Pendulum of life swings everlasting to the tune of - life-death; life-death..

While the arc of life swings with the pendulum across time, Man lives, and plays, and eats, and reproduces his own kind. He divides the gift of life into little cubes called years, and each cube is a bit of lifetime cut from the whole. Then comes death and the long silence.”

How does one pay tribute to a very good friend in just a few moments of time with a small number of words on paper and in thought? A question I wrestled with for days.

I decided to extol the son, the father, the man, and the friend.

The son who chose the path less traveled and least approved. A path, right or wrong, that helped shape the very fiber of who Scott grew to be.

He was the son that loved music, baseball, books and ultimately his family through good times and bad. He was there for his family and they were there for him.

He was a father who made mistakes, who learned from them and tried with all his power not to repeat them. He was a father who wanted nothing but the best for his baby girl and did what ever he could to ensure her health, well-being and safety.


As Scott’s own father said, “ Scott became a different person with the birth of his daughter... he became a father.”

He was a man whose determination and straight forwardness was so clear at first glance you had to get closer to see if it was genuine. You soon learned it was frighteningly genuine.

A man who was a teacher in his old soul and simultaneously a student. Educating all he came in contact with and learning from every encounter.

A man who made thousands of thankless difficult decisions in business at the risk of losing face in front of friends and co-workers. He did everything he could to make the business as successful as possible without seeking praise or accolades- of course they came naturally. 

He was a man who made choices in life that came with a hefty price tag. These choices, right or wrong, he would have to live with for the rest of his time. Along the way he lost the faith of friends and family... many of whom returned to the man Scott was and not what Scott had done.

Scott, as Norman Gopin, the bands manager said, lived his life the way he wanted to live it. Whatever he set out to do, he did. Scott said what he meant and meant what he said

The friend. Like most friendships ours grew stronger over time. A period of time in which both of us were growing and learning what it means to be a human on this planet. We bowled together in college to which his sister Susie exclaimed, “He was a closet bowler?”

He was no closet bowler... he was the turkey king. Our time playing in bands together was perhaps the most rewarding because we shared more camaraderie, laughs and good times then ever before and possibly ever since. He was a champion for the zinger, the joke, a one liner here, a story there.

A man of great wit and intellect that would follow him even into his death. As Cameron Blietz, sound man extraordinaire of DSO, experienced when asked of Scott’s death... “ I want to make sure this is not one of Scott’s jokes” asked a friend.  To which Cameron replied, “ This is not one of his jokes – he tells them better than this.”

Scott loved to laugh and to make other people laugh. Once you knew him it became a competition of who could out laugh one another. A game we played every single visit. Through the dark times of life and the copious amount of beer we would be sure to have a great laugh.

To quote Cameron again “ He was a lot more of a human in his last minutes on this planet than most of us will ever be... He was a true statesman and an amazing businessman. He had a knack for understanding people, and better than that he understood me”

Scott was brethren, we shared an allegiance with many common goals... some of which were: to be positive and to be true to yourself. He was better at them than I will ever be.

As Charles Dickens so eloquently stated in his poem titled “We Simply Say Good-bye”

We say it for an hour or for years,

We say it smiling, say it choked with tears;

We say it coldly, say it with a kiss;

And yet we have no other words than this,

             “ Good-bye”

We have no dearer word for our hearts friend,

For him who journeys to the world’s far end,

And sears our soul with going; this we say,

As unto him who steps but o’er the way-


Alike to those we love, and those we hate,

We say no more at parting at life’s gate,

To him who passes out beyond earths sight-

We cry, as to the wanderer for the night,


Scott was many things to many people over the short time he was with us-

A son, a father, a man and most importantly a friend. 

Good-bye my friend and thank you.