And now...the whole story
told in Ahmer-Vision®

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...Beat it on down the line had just ended when I felt this moth simply fly straight into my ear and proceeded to jam itself deep into the ear canal. Despite its predicament, it was still able to move its wings, which were beating loudly by my ear drum.

Lets see...first Mike M. gave me a pen to try to get it out. I stopped myself before I stuck it in there and looked for alternatives. Beau then began dumping water in my ear to flush it out. No dice. Other attempts to extract it involved Sprout and Shajee (my brother) blowing smoke into my ear, lighting an ear candle, and my wife Cheryl trying to suck the moth out of my ear with a straw...thats what love will make you do.

After the gig, I could not take the flapping anymore. We stopped in Kankakee on the way home and checked into the ER at St. Marys. It took 11/2 hours to get that bugger out. With the help of the ear water finally came out enough to grab it with tweezers (still alive)...

and thats the story of how a little moth had the best seat in the house.