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THE DSO BOOSTER CLUB: Spreading the Gospel of Dark Star Orchestra

One catch with promoting DSO shows is that a large section of our fans (or potential fans) don't read the entertainment section of their local "mainstream" newspaper because it doesn't usually cover the music in which they're interested. They get their music news from more off-beat sources like social media and socializing with friends.

Your word-of-mouth promotion has and will always be the best way to inform people about Dark Star Orchestra.

That's why we have the DSO Booster Club. We've found the best way to promote shows is to get to know people across the country and barter for their services handing out flyers at other like-minded concerts and placing posters in local "kind" shops, while talking up the show to friends and other music-lovers.

We need you to fill out the form below to let us know how you can help.

We appreciate you being interested - so please complete your application below!

Instructions for becoming a Booster Club helper:

Complete the form below. (You should do this AT LEAST 4-6 WEEKS in advance of a show in your town.)
After that time frame, we'd love to hear from you, but we may need to have your help for the next time through.

  • Wait to hear back from the DSO Promo Team with instructions and information about doing grassroots promotions in your area to promote for Dark Star Orchestra

  • If we are in need of people in your area, someone from the DSO Promo Team will be in touch with you over email to confirm your information. From there, they may send flyers by having them shipped to you or coordinating a pickup of flyers at the venue.

  • Distribute handbills at local shows and hang posters at cool shops, coffeehouses, bulletin boards & kiosks, etc. (IMPORTANT: Please observe any local poster and handbill ordinances...If you don't know your city's policies, check with the venue about postering in public areas. MILWAUKEE PROHIBITS POSTERING!)

  • Fill out our DSO Street Team Report to let us know what you did.
    This is mandatory! Again...No last minute "I postered and didn't submit any survey to you...can I get into the already SOLD OUT show" emails please. The "good" helper is in touch regularly with updates the month before the show.)

  • We will confirm with you over email so you can come to the show and find your name on the guest list!