EDBASE (a/o June 1st 2013)
Show: 818 • 06/14/2003 Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville, OH Setlist: 06-14-2003 Original Setlist ZTAT Set: Sleepwalking, Light of Life, All Night Long Blues (1), Banks of the Ohio (2), Bird Song (3), Ring of Fire (4), Samson and Delilah (5), The Rub (Ain't It Crazy) (6), The Eleven (4)> White Rabbit (7)
DG Set: Midnight Moonlight* - Lazy River Road** - Surely You Jest*** - Black Peter+ - Down To Eugene#
1: Half Step, Bucket, TLEO (fast), King Bee, Run For the Roses@, Monkey and the Engineer, Dire Wolf, Me & My Uncle, Viola Lee Blues
2: Box of Rain> Greatest, Help> Slipknot> Sunrise> Playin> Drumz> Jam@> Comes A Time> Saint> Liberty
Encore: B E Women> Saturday Night> Loose Lucy
Filler: None

Notes: Outdoor show - Happy Day School benefit - Setlists was created from benefit raffle requests - (1) w/John (mandolin) - (2) also with David Gans (guitar & vocal) - (3) also with Scott Larned (melodica), Dino English (drums) - (4) w/David, Scott, Dino, Rob K
Show: 817 • 06/13/2003 Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville, OH Setlist: 06-15-1976 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY DG Set: Me and Bobby McGee, Cousin Caterpillar > Blue Roses > Ship of Fools > In Another World > Ship of Fools, Sovereign Soul > Trying
1: Promised, Sugaree, Cassidy, Candyman, Music, Roses, L. L. Rain. Tennessee Jed, Let it Grow> Might As Well
2: St. Stephen> NFA> Drumz> Stella Blue, Samson, FOTD> Dancin> Wheel> Sugar Magnolia> Scarlet> Sunshine Daydream
Encore: Johnny B Goode
Filler: Second That Emotion

Notes: Outdoor show
  Show: 816 • 06/08/2003 Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE Setlist: 04-12-1983 Broome County Arena, Binghamton, NY 1: Alabama> Greatest, Bird Song, Minglewood, Peggy-O, Cassidy, Loser, It's All Over Now, Dupree's, Let it Grow
2: Help> Slipknot> Franklin's> Sailor> Saint> Terrapin> Drumz> Other One> Wharf Rat> NFA
Encore: NFA> Baby Blue
Filler: Hey Pocky Way
  Show: 815 • 06/07/2003 Bay Center, Dewey Beach, DE Setlist: 04-02-1973 Boston Garden, Boston, MA 1: Promised, Deal, Mexicali, B. E. Women, BIODTL, Row Jimmy, L. L. Rain, Wave That Flag, Box Of Rain, Big River, China Cat> I Know You Rider, You Ain't Woman Enough, Jack Straw, Don't Ease, Playin
2: Ramble On, Me & My Uncle, Half Step, Around, Loose Lucy, Greatest, H C Sunshine> Space> Bobby McGee> WRS Prelude> Eyes> China Doll, Sugar Magnolia, Casey Jones, Johnny B. Goode
Encore: We Bid You Goodnight
Filler: None

Notes: One drummer (Dino) - Webmaster's Choice
Show: 814 • 06/06/2003 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA Setlist: 05-11-1978 Civic Center, Springfield, MA ZTAT Set: Watching the River Flow*> The Squid*, All Night Long Blues*, I'll Be With Thee**, High Horse***, Doin' That Rag***> Six Feet of Snow***, Eilat, White Rabbit****
1: Cold Rain, BIODTL, FOTD, L. L. Rain, Loser, Mexicali> Mama Tried, Tennessee Jed, Minglewood, Peggy-O, Lazy Lightning> Supplication
2: Scarlet> Fire, Dancin> Drumz+> NFA> Stella Blue> Around
Encore: E1: Werewolves E2: Johnny B. Goode
Filler: Sisters and Brothers

Notes: *w/Dino and Rob (drums), Scott Larned (piano) - **w/Dino and Rob (drums), Scott Larned (melodica) and Lisa Mackey (vocals) - ***w/Dino and Rob (drums) - ****w/Dino and Rob (drums), Scott (melodica), Lisa (vocals) and Eaton (slide) - +Drum Raid with Zen Tr
Show: 813 • 06/04/2003 Irving Plaza, New York, NY Setlist: 06-04-2003 Original Setlist 1: Cold Rain, Me & My Uncle> Big River, Jack A Roe, Tons of Steel, Passenger, High Time, You Ain't Women Enough, Masterpiece, Loose Lucy, Esau, Touch
2: Women Smarter, Scarlet> Fire, Sunrise, Uncle John> Supplication> Drums*> Space> Uncle John> Attics> Good Lovin
Encore: Run For The Roses> We Bid You Goodnight
Filler: None

Notes: *with Mark Greenberg (Dickey Betts Band) on drums
  Show: 812 • 06/03/2003 Irving Plaza, New York, NY Setlist: 03-24-1987 Coliseum, Hampton, VA 1: Jack Straw, Candyman, Minglewood, Loser, Mama Tried> Mexicali, Ramble On, Let It Grow
2: Gimme Some Lovin> Black Muddy River, Playin> Terrapin> Drumz> Mr. Fantasy> Wharf Rat> NFA
Encore: Brokedown
Filler: Viola Lee
  Show: 811 • 06/01/2003 Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ Setlist: 11-15-1972 Oklahoma City Music Hall, Oklahoma City, OK 1: Bertha, BIODTL, Bird Song, Jack Straw, Candyman, Big River, Sugaree, El Paso, Box of Rain, Deal, Cumberland, Around, China Cat> I Know You Rider
2: Promised, Ramble On, Mexicali, Brokedown, Playin, Big RxR Blues, Bobby McGee, Wharf Rat> Jam> Sugar Magnolia, NFA> GDTRFB> NFA
Encore: Johnny B Goode
Filler: Morning Dew*

Notes: Outdoor show - DSO played on the Bamboozle stage - One drummer (Rob) - *with Dino on drums
Show: 810 • 05/31/2003 Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth, NH Setlist: 05-31-2003 Original Setlist ZTAT Set: W.S. Walcott Medicine Show, Shine Your Light, Tennessee Plates, All Night Long Blues*, Mountains of the Moon> Jam*> Light of Life> Mason's Children
1: Shakedown, B T Wind, Lazy River Road, Passenger, Baby Blue, Esau, H C Sunshine
2: Blow Away> Sailor> Saint> Dark Star> Drumz> Cosmic Charlie> Lovelight
Encore: Saturday Night> Brokedown
Filler: None

Notes: Outdoor show - Last DSO Dark Star was 5/15/03 [16 Days] - *w/Scott Larned on melodica
  Show: 809 • 05/30/2003 Lupo's, Providence, RI Setlist: 09-12-1988 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA ZTAT Set: I Want To See the Bright Lights Tonight, All Night Long Blues, Sleepwalking> Unbroken Chain> Sleepwalking (reprise), Look Out Cleveland, You Angel You, St. Stephen> The Eleven> Say That I Am
1: Jack Straw, Althea, Good Times, Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Dupree's, Masterpiece, Push, Music
2: Box Of Rain> Cold Rain> Woman Smarter> Eyes> Drumz>Other One> Wharf Rat> Around> Good Lovin
Encore: Heaven's Door
Filler: The Weight
  Show: 808 • 05/29/2003 Pearl Street, Northampton, MA Setlist: 05-13-1977 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL 1: Music, Ramble On, Cassidy, B. E. Women, Minglewood, FOTD, El Paso, Jack A Roe, L. L. Rain, Scarlet> Fire
2: Samson> Bertha, Estimated> drums> Other One> Stella Blue> GDTRFB> Saturday Night
Encore: U. S. Blues
Filler: Greatest
  Show: 807 • 05/27/2003 Higher Ground, Winooski, VT Setlist: 05-12-1977 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, IL 1: Bertha, Me & My Uncle, Tennessee Jed, Cassidy, Peggy-O, Jack Straw, TLEO, Minglewood, Half Step> Dancin
2: Samson, B. E. Women, Estimated, Sunrise, Terrapin> Playin> drums> NFA> Comes A Time> Playin
Encore: Johnny B. Goode
Filler: Run For The Roses

Notes: Webcast live on Digital Club Network
  Show: 806 • 05/24/2003 Snow Ridge Ski Area, Turin, NY Setlist: 06-29-1976 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL 1: Tennessee Jed, Cassidy, Peggy-O, Mama Tried, Mission in the Rain, L. L. Rain, B. E. Women, Lazy Lightning> Supplication, Row Jimmy, Music, Might As Well
2: Samson, Candyman, Playin> drums> Wheel> Playin, St. Stephen> NFA> St. Stephen> One More Saturday Night
Encore: U. S. Blues
Filler: China Cat. I Know You Rider

Notes: Held indoors due to rain - Sunday was cancelled
  Show: 805 • 05/23/2003 Ocean City Music Pier, Ocean City, NJ Setlist: 04-10-1978 Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA 1: Promised, B. E. Women, It's All Over Now, Peggy-O, Cassidy, Dire Wolf, El Paso, Row Jimmy, Passenger, Candyman, Music
2: Jack Straw, Ship Of Fools, Dancin> Drumz> Franklin's> Black Peter> Around
Encore: U.S. Blues
Filler: Strange Man

Notes: Outdoor show
  Show: 804 • 05/22/2003 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT Setlist: 05-22-2003 Original Setlist 1: Stranger, Althea, Esau, Mission, Mama Tried> Mexicali, Sunrise, Dire Wolf, Tom Thumb, Masterpiece, Liberty
2: Hey Pocky Way> Supplication, You Ain't Woman Enough*, So Many Roads> St Stephen> Drumz> Estimated St Stephen> Attics> Box of Rain
Encore: Mighty Quinn> Revolution
Filler: None

Notes: Webcast live on Digital Club Network - *for Suzy Gopin
  Show: 803 • 05/20/2003 Recher Theater, Towson, MD Setlist: 03-25-1991 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY 1: Shakedown, Rooster, Stagger Lee, Queen Jane, High Time, All Over Now,Tennessee Jed, Promised> Touch
2: Greatest, Crazy Fingers> Truckin> Spoonful> Jam> Drumz>Other One> Black Peter> Throwing Stones> Playin Reprise
Encore: Lovelight
Filler: The Weight
Show: 802 • 05/19/2003 State Theatre, Falls Church, VA Setlist: 05-19-1977 Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA 1: Promised, Sugaree> El Paso, Peggy-O, L. L. Rain, Row Jimmy, Passenger, Loser, Dancin
2: Samson, Ramble On, "Power to the Peaceful*",Estimated, Terrapin> Playin> Uncle John> Drums> Wheel> China Doll> Playin
Encore: None
Filler: Music> Scarlet> Music

Notes: *Wavy Gravy prank
  Show: 801 • 05/18/2003 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC Setlist: 07-25-1972 Paramount Theater, Portland, OR 1: Promised, Sugaree, Me & My Uncle, Bird Song, B T Wind, Cumberland, Jack Straw, Big RxR Blues, El Paso, Tennessee Jed, Playin, Loser, BIODTL, Casey Jones
2: He's Gone, Greatest, China Cat> I Know You Rider, Mexicali, Truckin> Drums> Other One> Wharf Rat, Sugar Magnolia, Sing Me Back Home, NFA> Greatest> NFA
Encore: None
Filler: Uncle John*

Notes: One Drummer (Dino) - *with Rob on drums
  Show: 800 • 05/17/2003 Camp Ton-A-Wandah, Flat Rock, NC Setlist: 12-04-1973 Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, OH 1: Johnny B. Goode, Sugaree, Me & My Uncle, China Cat> I Know You Rider, El Paso, Deal, Big River, Tennessee Jed, Truckin> Stella Blue, Around
2: Eyes> Sugar Magnolia> GDTRFB> Casey Jones
Encore: Saturday Night
Filler: Greatest*> Ripple*

Notes: Outdoor show - 800th DSO show - One drummer (Rob) - *with Dino on drums
Show: 799 • 05/15/2003 Marvin's Mountaintop, Masontown, WV Setlist: 11-26-1972 Civic Auditorium, San Antonio, TX 1: Promised, Deal, Mexicali, Sugaree, B. T. Wind, Bird Song, BIODTL, China Cat> I Know You Rider, Box Of Rain, El Paso, Big RxR Blues, Around, Casey Jones
2: Playin, B. E. Women, Jack Straw, Don't Ease, Big River, Dark Star> Me and Bobby McGee, Brokedown Palace, Sugar Magnolia> GDTRFB> Saturday Night
Encore: None
Filler: H C Sunshine*

Notes: Outdoor show - One drummer (Dino) - *with Rob on drums - Lunar Eclipse during Box of Rain - Last DSO Dark Star was 2/21/03 [83 Days] - See the poster
  Show: 798 • 05/14/2003 NorVa Theater, Norfolk, VA Setlist: 04-15-1978 William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA 1: Half Step, Passenger, FOTD, El Paso, B. E. Women, Let it Grow, Deal
2: Bertha> Good Lovin, Candyman, Sunrise> Playin> Drumz> NFA> Morning Dew> Around
Encore: Saturday Night
Filler: Mission
  Show: 797 • 05/13/2003 Marrz Theater, Wilmington, NC Setlist: 04-16-1978 Huntington Civic Center, Huntington, WV 1: Jack Straw, Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Peggy-O, Mexicali> Mama Tried, TLEO, Minglewood, Scarlet> Fire
2: Samson, Ship Of Fools, Estimated> Eyes> Drumz> Iko Iko> Sugar Magnolia
Encore: U S Blues
Filler: Passenger
  Show: 796 • 05/12/2003 Senate Park, Columbia, SC Setlist: 09-30-1976 Merschon Auditorium, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH 1: Music, Sugaree, Minglewood, Ramble On Rose, L. L. Rain, Peggy-O, El Paso, Crazy Fingers> It's All Over Now, Scarlet
2: Lazy Lightning> Supplication, Roses, Samson, Saint Stephen> Jam> NFA> Drums> Wharf Rat> NFA> St. Stephen> Around
Encore: Morning Dew
Filler: Strange Man
  Show: 795 • 05/10/2003 Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak, FL Setlist: 05-01-1977 The Palladium, New York, NY DG Set: Ship of Fools > In Another World, Lazy River Road, Who Killed Uncle John?, Sovereign Soul > Blue Roses*, In My Life**, Rocket Man**, Surely You Jest***> River and Drown***, Down to Eugene***
1: Might As Well, El Paso, Ramble On, Cassidy, TLEO, Lazy Lightning> Supplication, Roses, Estimated, Tennessee Jed, Sunrise, Samson
2: Dancin> B E Women, Playin> Drums> Other One> Comes A Time> Playin
Encore: Brokedown
Filler: Crazy Fingers> Uncle John> Saturday Night

Notes: Outdoor show - *with Scott on melodica - **with Lisa and John - ***with DSO
  Show: 794 • 05/09/2003 Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak, FL Setlist: 04-11-1987 UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL 1: Bucket> Sugaree, Minglewood, Loser, Tons Of Steel, Desolation Row, Big RxR Blues, Music
2: Touch, Woman Smarter, Terrapin> Drumz> Truckin> Wharf Rat> Throwing Stones> NFA
Encore: NFA> Black Muddy River
Filler: Satisfaction

Notes: Outdoor show
  Show: 793 • 05/08/2003 Carefree Theater, West Palm Beach, FL Setlist: 05-21-1974 Edmundson Pavilion, U Of Wa., Seattle, WA 1: Me & My Uncle, B. E. Women, BIODTL, Deal, Mexicali, Roses, Race Is On, Scarlet, El Paso, Row Jimmy, Money Money, Ship Of Fools, WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1> Let it Grow> China Doll
2: Playin, U.S. Blues, Big River, Stella Blue, Around, Eyes> Wharf Rat> Sugar Magnolia
Encore: Johnny B Goode
Filler: Ripple*

Notes: One drummer (Rob) - *with Dino on drums
  Show: 792 • 05/07/2003 HOB-Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, FL Setlist: 07-17-1989 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, E Troy, WI 1: LTGTR, Stranger, Built To Last, Me & My Uncle> Cumberland, All Over Now, Row Jimmy, Masterpiece, Push, Music
2: China Cat> I Know You Rider, Playin> Uncle John> SOTM> Drumz> Wheel> Gimme Some Lovin> GDTRFB> NFA, We Bid You Goodnight
Encore: Johnny B. Goode
Filler: Terrapin
  Show: 791 • 05/03/2003 New Daisy Theater, Memphis, TN Setlist: 04-19-1987 Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Laguna Hills, CA 1: Half Step> Franklin's, Minglewood, Ramble On, Tons Of Steel, Box Of Rain, Cassidy, Alabama> Promised
2: China Cat> I Know You Rider> Woman Smarter> Black Muddy River> Miracle> Cumberland> Drumz> Other One> Wharf Rat> NFA
Encore: NFA, Brokedown
Filler: Saturday Night

Notes: Midnight show (so really it was 5-4-03)
  Show: 790 • 05/02/2003 Jimmy's Club, New Orleans, LA Setlist: 07-27-1974 Civic Center, Roanoke, VA 1: Bertha, Mexicali, Row Jimmy, Jack Straw, Half Step> Roses, Bobby McGee, Tennessee Jed, Playin
2: China Cat> I Know You Rider, Me & My Uncle, Ramble On, Big River, U.S. Blues> Promised, Brokedown Palace, NFA> GDTRFB> Johnny B. Goode
Encore: Eyes
Filler: Truckin*

Notes: One drummer (Dino) - *with Rob on drums
Show: 789 • 04/30/2003 Madison Theatre, Covington, KY Setlist: 06-12-1976 Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA 1: Samson, Row Jimmy, Music, B. E. Women, Big River, Mission in the Rain, L. L. Rain, FOTD, Lazy Lightning> Supplication, High Time, Promised
2: Wheel, Cassidy, Tennessee Jed> Let it Grow> Drumz> Wharf Rat> Comes A Time, Dancin> Around
Encore: Sugar Magnolia> U. S. Blues> Sunshine Daydream
Filler: Scarlet
Show: 788 • 04/29/2003 Martyrs', Chicago, IL Setlist: 04-29-2003 Original Setlist 1: LTGTR, Mexicali, Loose Lucy, Me & My Uncle> Big River, Row Jimmy, BIODTL, TLEO, Playin
2: H C Sunshine, Walk In The Sunshine, Broken Arrow, Tons Of Steel, Tennessee Jed, WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1> Let It Grow> Drumz> Wharf Rat> Saturday Night
Encore: Touch
Filler: None

Notes: No Lisa
Show: 787 • 03/08/2003 McDonald Theater, Eugene, OR Setlist: 03-08-2003 Original Setlist 1: Mighty Quinn> Music, H C Sunshine, B T Wind@, Lazy River Road@, Good Times, Cassidy, Big Boss Man, Me & My Uncle> Big River, Alabama> Promised
2: Sugar Magnolia> Scarlet> Fire> Sunshine Daydream, Viola Lee> Drumz> Viola Lee> Gimme Some Lovin> Visions of Johanna> Lovelight
Encore: Revolution> Sing Me Back Home
Filler: None

Notes: @Eaton on acoustic - Blinky's 25th Birthday
Show: 786 • 03/07/2003 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR Setlist: 03-25-1985 Civic Center, Springfield, MA 1: Jack Straw> Sugaree> Rooster, Bird Song, It's All Over Now, Roses> Let it Grow
2: Help> Slipknot> Franklin's> Estimated> Eyes> Drumz> Miracle> China Doll> GDTRFB> Good Lovin
Encore: Day Job
Filler: The Weight
Show: 785 • 03/06/2003 Showbox, Seattle, WA Setlist: 03-06-2003 Original Setlist 1: How Sweet It Is, Run For the Roses, You Ain't Woman, Harder They Come, Broken Arrow, Masterpiece, Hey Pocky Way, Lonesome and A Long Way from Home
2: Stop That Train, Dire Wolf , Cripple Creek, Nobody Told Me, Mr. Fantasy> After Midnight> Drumz> After Midnight> Eleanor Rigby> After Midnight> Like a Road> Tangled Up In Blue
Encore: White Rabbit, That's What Love Will Make You Do
Filler: None

Notes: Eaton was sick
Show: 784 • 03/05/2003 Capitol Theater, Olympia, WA Setlist: 03-27-1985 Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 1: Half Step> Bucket, West L.A. Fadeaway, Mama Tried> Big River, Tom Thumb's Blues, B. E. Women, Tons Of Steel, Might As Well
2: Shakedown, Uncle John> Playin> Drumz> Stella Blue> Lovelight
Encore: Touch
Filler: Foolish Heart> Box Of Rain
Show: 783 • 03/02/2003 Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA Setlist: 10-17-1983 Olympic Center, Lake Placid, NY 1: Sugaree> Rooster, FOTD, Esau, Bird Song, Bucket> Deal
2: Touch> Samson, To Lay Me Down, Women Smarter, Terrapin> Drumz> Wheel> Miracle> GDTRFB> Good Lovin
Encore: Revolution
Filler: Box Of Rain, Liberty

Notes: See the Video
Show: 782 • 03/01/2003 Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA Setlist: 03-01-2003 Original Setlist DG Set: Who Killed Uncle John, Lazy River Road, In My Life*, L L Rain*, White Rabbit**+, Surely You Jest**, River and Drown**, Down To Eugene**
1: Walk In The Sunshine, Loose Lucy, BIODTL, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Good Times, Masterpiece, How Sweet It Is, Passenger, Cumberland, Jack Straw> Touch
2: Hey Pocky Way> Playin> China Cat> I Know You Rider> Sailor> Deal> Drumz> World To Give> Throwin Stones> Lovelight
Encore: Viola Lee> We Bid You Goodnight
Filler: None

Notes: *with John and Lisa - **with DSO - +Lisa on lead vocal - Listen to Down To Eugene
Show: 781 • 02/28/2003 Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA Setlist: 07-18-1976 Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA JK Set: Run For The Roses, Sister Smiles, (Acid) Rain, Golden Vanity, It's Alright, Perfection
1: Half Step, Cassidy, Row Jimmy, Mama Tried, Scarlet, L. L. Rain, Tennessee Jed, Minglewood, Loser, Music
2: Might As Well, Samson, Candyman, Lazy Lightning> Supplication> Let it Grow> Drumz> Let it Grow> Wharf Rat> Other One> St. Stephen> NFA> St. Stephen> Wheel> Other One> Stella Blue> Sugar Magnolia
Encore: Johnny B Goode
Filler: Baby Blue

Notes: - See the poster
  Show: 780 • 02/26/2003 Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA Setlist: 11-23-1973 County Coliseum, El Paso, TX 1: Bertha, Mexicali Blues, Deal, L L Rain, Don't Ease, Race Is On, Loser, Jack Straw, China Cat> I Know You Rider, El Paso, Tennessee Jed, Big River, Row Jimmy, WRS Prelude> WRS Part 1> Let It Grow
2: Greatest, Sugaree, Me And My Uncle, He's Gone> Truckin> Other One> Bobby McGee, Eyes, Around> GDTRFB> Casey Jones
Encore: Johnny B. Goode
Filler: Strange Man*

Notes: Webcast live on Digital Club Network - One drummer (Rob) - *with Dino - See the poster
  Show: 779 • 02/25/2003 HOB-Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, CA Setlist: 09-19-1987 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 1: Half Step> All Over Now, High Time, Mexicali> Big River, Push, Box Of Rain> Don't Ease
2: Crazy Fingers> Uncle John> Playin> Drumz> Miracle**> Maggie's Farm**> Black Peter**> Around> Lovelight
Encore: Black Muddy River
Filler: Greatest*> Scarlet*> Attics*> Playin Reprise*

Notes: *with Lisa - See the poster - **at original show these were broadcast on Farm Aid III