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Jeff Mattson: Lead Guitar

Jeff Mattson (guitar, vocals) is a master of eclectic styles and joined DSO in 2009. A founding member of the legendary jam band, The Zen Tricksters, Jeff also plays guitar in the Donna Jean Godchaux Band which features the Grateful Dead’s Donna Jean Godchaux. Jeff, a veteran of 30 years on the road, is a guitar wizard whose playing ranges from rock & roll to blues, bluegrass, country, jazz, and folk, with a healthy dose of psychedelia. Jeff is also a strong original songwriter and his work is prominently featured on five albums (Donna Jean & the Tricksters [2008], For Rex: The Black Tie-Dye Ball [2006], Shaking Off the Weirdness [2003], A Love Surreal [1999], The Holy Fool [1996]), including several pieces co-written with band mate Donna Jean. He is a co-writer of “Leave Me Out of This,” a track on Phil & Friends Sony CD, There and Back Again. He is known for delivering heart-wrenching vocals as well as his ever-present desire to explore new musical terrain with his fellow musicians. Jeff was asked to audition for Phil Lesh & Friends in the fall of 1999 and in October 1999, Jeff and then Zen Trickster keyboard player, Rob Barraco, played three shows with Phil & Friends at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco.