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Rob Eaton: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Rob started playing guitar at the age of 12. His inspiration for playing was hearing Europe '72, the year it came out. His first band "The Peyote Ridge Band" played originals, Dead and others from 1975 till 1980. In 1980 Rob moved to NYC from Vermont to begin a recording career, spending many of those years as a staff engineer with "The Power Station Studios".. Rob's name may be familiar to those in the recording business both professional and the vast Grateful Dead taping world. He has been involved in the Grateful Dead community since the 70's. In 1980 Rob joined up with Border Legion a northern New Jersey Dead band and played with them till 2001 when he joined DSO full time. Rob still does some studio work but his full time passion is DSO.



Additional Files

Letter to Santa (circa late 60's)
Photo of first public gig (Fall 1975)